ban of linksunten.indymedia

Indymedia linksunten was banned by the ministry of the interior on 25th of July 2017. This ban was followed by massive repression including house raids, criminal proceedings, surveillance, etc.

But this isn’t any ban of a website. It’s an attack on press freedom and massive censorship of left media. Linksunten was a central part of radical struggles.

We should not leave such an attack unsanswered. Those affected by the repression and the autonomous center KTS in Freiburg (that was raided after theban) sue the state. There have been numerous demos and solidarity actios against the ban. Let’s continue this way and stay loud and fight in solidarity against censorship and repression.

A banner stating “We are all linksunten. Our solidarity against your repression”

More information on the ban of linksunten:

All Computers Are Beschlagnahmt, talk about the linksunten ban by lawyer Kristin Pietrzyk bei 34c3 (CCC) (English version available)

Radio feature Dreyeckland (German)

Solidarity group Unabhängige Medien Freiburg (English translation available)