Basel18: Court case after a wild demo in Basel

‘In October 2018 the trial against 18 folks accused of taking part in a wild demo in June 2016 in Basel began. On the 24th of June 2016 a wild demo took place accompanied by attacks on the racist SVP (party), a UBS bank branch, some insurances and a criminal court in Basel. When cops arrived they were greeted with stones and bottles.


The defendants face due to the construct of complicity drastic penalties. As a result of pressure by the lawyers the sentence was delayed, but is to be expected on January 25th 2019.

More info about the trial on (German).


25.01.2019: Absurdly high sentences against Basel18:
The sentences against the Basel18 standing trial for a wil demo in Basel, range from 2 years probation to 27 months in prison. The case will go to the next instance. More info (in German) here.