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  • Dressing warm against repression
    events during this winter in Freiburg


  • New trial date:
    11.10.2018 Freiburg: NBA second instance trial
    Trial takes place at Landgericht (provincial court) Freiburg, Salzstr. 28, Sitzungssaal 4, 1.OG, starting at 9 am.
    As always: if you are searched for by the cops or took part in the NBA actions and haven’t been caught. Dont show up.



  • September 2018:

    Robin`s process is going into the second instance

    The defendant Robin was convicted to a fine for supposed assault, but neither the defendant nor the prosecution was accepting the sentence.

    So the defendent as well as the prosecution gave notice of appeal and the process will go into the second instance.

    As soon as we know about the next trial date we will inform you.